ERASMUS (Partner Identification Form)

        Municipal Secondary Technical School (MSTS) “Gorgi Naumov” – Bitola has a strong educational background in the electro technical and mechanical professions, which aligns with the goals of Erasmus+ programme that provides opportunities for over 4 million young participants to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad. The school’s verified educational profiles and the quality of its graduates make it an ideal partner for Erasmus+ projects. The school’s strengths include its experienced and knowledgeable teaching staff, its diverse student body, and its commitment to providing quality education.

       The school’s management team is eager to participate in Erasmus+ projects and contribute to the programme’s goals of promoting sport, education, training, gain experience, and youth development across Europe. We will do our best to ensure the successful completion of upcoming projects.

      Our Technical High School is a public TVET high school established by the Municipality of city of Bitola, North Macedonia. It has 84 employees, from which 62 are teachers. The school is verified for many educational profiles from the electro technical and mechanical professions. There are around 750 students between 15 and 19 years old, divided in 38 classes. According to the ISCED 2011, the school provides different levels of education: four years educational profiles from the electro technical vocation and four years educational profiles from the mechanical vocation. The school also provides education for adults who have a need for gaining additional professional qualifications.

        Many students who have graduated from the school enroll in universities of Skopje and Bitola. A lot of them are among the best students in the faculties of electrical engineering, computer sciences, and mechanical engineering. Additionally, many students who have completed their education are employed in IT companies, as well as in important companies in the mining, mechanic, and electro energetic sectors in our municipality and broader.